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Our Mission is to create and maintain a web site where people with special needs and disabilities can access to have fun, meet others, chat, play games, and read articles.

  • The ability to chat with puzzle-pals
  • Game room
  • Parents Forum
  • Articles regarding special needs or disabilities
  • Creative Corner; where the members can submit poems, song lyrics, drawings
  • The Learning Curve
  • Discussion Topic

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In 1992 our healthy son was born, our dream come true.  A few years later, we knew there was something different about him compared to other children.  At first we didn't want to believe it, but as time passed we realized our world would be forever changed.

Beginning around the age of three, we brought our son to Doctor's ...

A Piece of the Puzzle is a social community dedicated to those with special needs and disabilities. 

We invite all children and young adults with special needs or a disability to join. Parents, educators, schools and organizations for special needs are always welcome to join as we have articles and a forum that may benefit all members.

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